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The Difference Between Fiat Gambling and Crypto Gambling


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Recently I was talking with my mother - she is a gambler for sure. 

She likes regular casinos - and of course I love them too.

But my mother and I differ in our online tastes. She loves the silly

fiat (traditional financed) casinos and I am trying to show her that crypto

gambling is best for many reasons. 

So I thought on it a while and here is some of what I came up with.

Fiat /Traditional Financed Online Gambling   

  • Usually requires excessive verification of personal data to withdraw 
  • Strict minimum deposits that not all people can afford 
  • No regard to identity upon deposits ( you can deposit no problem but withdrawing is HARD TO ACCOMPLISH) 
  • The gimmicks and the bonuses almost always make it impossible to benefit from the actual winnings 
  • Cashing out is slow, and sometimes it is actually impossible, 
  • They seem to be working against you in the support 


Crypto Gambling 

  • Blockchain transactions - no need to verify any personal data to complete these
  • Blcockchain transactions do not require a 3rd party to move funds or approve /disapprove the way banks and tellers do.
  • Multiple currencies with much more flexible options for amounts allowed to deposit 
  • Most crypto gambling sites are also involved in high end technology that is made to remove mistrust, third parties and other features that make it a better option  ( safer at least ) 
  • Provably Fair - the trend in crypto gaming is that the games are backed with a type of proof or verification that shows the users that the results of the games are decided the moment the game begins- and is not manipulated or affected by the players side. In other words - the casino doesnt TRY to beat you. They are giving you a fair shot - without changing to cheat or beat your hand etc.  This does not mean that the game is built with good odds - that is an entirely different subject .   Chances of winning will always favor the house. It is called the house edge and if they didnt have the edge or the higher probability of winning then they wouldn't be running a business they would be gambling. 

I vote for crypto over fiat for online gaming - every time. Its a no brainer. 


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On 1/27/2020 at 2:59 AM, Doticni said:

And most fun thing 'bout cryptos, it can grow up!

Yes! That cannot be said for Fiat which universally is created to become inflated, which of course draws the value downward. 

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