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Need to change Affilate rules


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Check out these screenshots about asking bc.games why 1 of profile got deleted from my referral list and really got back funny,cheap trick and kind of cheated 





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I noticed they started off with "...anyone related to you is strictly prohibited." But then changed it to "only one account per household." I mean, I don't remember seeing anything specifically stating you couldnt refer a relative but I could be wrong I guess.

as far as the one account per household thing goes though, how is that being established? IP address? Because VPN would screw that method all up. Device ID? Because I share my laptop for 2 weeks a month with someone who doesn't live with me and we both have accounts. And I know it's crazy but since we're close enough to share a laptop we have even given each other our Wi-Fi passwords, so sometimes they're at my place, sometimes I'm at their place, meaning that 1 laptop has now connected to 2 different accounts at 2 different households and both accounts have logged in from both WI-FI IP addresses. Those same accounts have also had overlap of when they were logged in at 2 different households simultaneously because I use mobile when they have my laptop, and I don't always log out before I let them use the laptop, so if I'm on my phone when they get on the computer I would be sending 2 different devices, locations, and IP addresses from one account. Not sure how their terms work for that either.

I'm also pretty curious on what their stance is about neighbors that share WI-FI, cause I've seen that plenty of times. That mean we can't refer our neighbors if we also share Wi-Fi with them? I mean,  if we're both on here then at least one of us is a degenerate so sharing Wi-Fi isn't a stretch.


basicly if they can't prove you referred yourself or someone that lives with you or at the very least disprove the explanation given to them about why it may seem like the terms are violated then they shouldn't be removing accounts from affiliates. Seems like a lot of assumptions.

I also love how having multiple accounts is suppose to be a big violation of the terms and get you banned yet that didn't happen here. Instead they just stopped YOU from getting money from THEM while also saying the removed account had too much value to THEM for them to ban it. That's kinda cherry picking which violations fit their agenda so they make more and pay out less. Was the removed account wagering a decent amount or leveling up quickly? 


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Hi everybody
I have a problem that I join the platform's Affiliate program, when I refer a client and they trade I also get a commission from their trade but they trade in Fiat currency in the country theirs is india and philippines and i cant get those fiat but i cant exchange them to crypto and i have no way to withdraw it pls help with this, because of this it's a disadvantage for those who participate in the Affiliate program, Thank you everyone

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